Good Beer Festival Review


This weekend was not what I had hoped for in terms of Philadelphia sports. The Phillies lost a series that they should have easily won and the Eagles looked like the Eagles. Luckily, I had a shinning beacon of hope this weekend, the Good Beer Festival. The fest started around 12:30 and went till 6:30. We got there at about ... Read More »

Europe Trip: Brussels

On my last post about my trip to Europe I covered our trip from Philadelphia to Brussels. Brussels is a very interesting city. Before I dive into my trip, I should mention that I expected Europe to be pretty different from the US in terms of looks and culture. Largely I found that we are remarkably similar, they just have ... Read More »

Europe Trip: Day 1

The first day of our trip to Europe was really a big travel day. My wife and I live in the Philadelphia area, but after looking at ticket prices, we could save about $200 a ticket by flying out of JFK. So obviously we picked that option. Our day began bright and early at 5:00 where we caught a ride ... Read More »

Europe Trip: Initial Thoughts

If you were following my Facebook page you would of known that I made it back safely and that I had a great time on my trip. I’m still decompressing a bit and trying to get used to my old friend, the Eastern Time Zone so I will keep this a bit brief and go into more detail in some ... Read More »