Brewers Publications Response

At the end of January I posted a few thoughts on eBooks and the need for Brewers Publications to make their books available in the format. I didn’t hear anything for awhile and I honestly wasn’t expecting to, but the other day Kristi of Brewers Publications left a comment on my post. I think her response deserves a post of ... Read More »

Beer Styles Introduction

Over the new few months I am going to be building a repository of beer style guides that I can use to refer to during my beer reviews. I’ve been doing lots of research over the past year or so and I am finally ready to start posting. I’ve had the link on the right there for some time, and ... Read More »

A call to Brewers Publications

I’m a huge fan of Brewers Publications. The majority of brewing related books that I currently own are produced by them. For those of you unaware, Brewers Publications is the printing arm of the American Homebrewers Association. The titles that they put out are top notch. I’m currently enjoying For the Love of Hops. So what’s the deal? I’m a ... Read More »

Cider Infographic

I was passed a really interesting infographic from the people at HackCollege. The infographic after the jump has a lot of really interesting facts and figures. They give some really interesting numbers about the growth of cider. It looks remarkably like that of the craft beer industry of the early 80s. I’m not ready to say that cider is the ... Read More »

2012 Review

This was a good year of beer for me. I reviewed 83 different beers this year. I had a lot of favorites but I can’t decide on which beer was my absolute favorite. I’m not going to comment much on the beers I drank as you can read the reviews and see what I thought of them. My year in ... Read More »