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I’ll be back

The site will be void of updates for a bit as I am about to head out on a much needed vacation. If you follow me on Facebook you would know that I am heading back to Europe this summer. My wife and I are doing a Mediterranean cruise, so we are not going to be in beer areas per say, but I’m still looking forward to it. I’ll make sure to jump all over the reviews when I get back and also share some of my travels. Until then,



Brief brewpub update

I know that I haven’t been posting much on my brewpub dream recently, but the dream still holds strong. Right now I am settle and unsettled. My wife is currently finishing up her PhD and after she finishes it, we don’t know where exactly we are going to be living. We both intend on living on the east coast, but that still leaves a lot of options and we could head west if a job presents itself.

While I’ve kind of stopped looking at a specific area, I’ve been doing a fair amount of research on the numbers. In particular I’ve been looking at the size of brewhouse needed, the costs associated with said brewhouse, and the size needed for a brewpub. I’ve heard a few estimates that for every seat that a brewpub has, you should assume that it will consume 5-10 barrels of beer per year. So depending on where we end up, I may need a large brewhouse, or a slightly smaller one. From what I have read it is safe to assume that in a non-craft-beer-friendly area, that 5 barrels per seat is a good estimate. On the east coast, I would go on the higher end of the range as the area is well versed with craft brew. I have a number of other facts and figures to share, but currently I’m writing this on my Kindle Fire, which is not an idea blogging platform. Thanks for the questions and emails that I get asking for updates.

2012 March Brewness Winner

We have a winner for the second annual March Brewness competition. The polls for this round were open longer then any other because I was on a week-long vacation to the western Caribbean (more on the beers I tried there later). I got back yesterday and I couldn’t wait to get home and see how the voting went. Surprisingly the voting for this round was the weakest in termsĀ  of volume, but the results very clear. We had a true craft brewery classic, Victory vs. Stone.

In the end, our champion for the 2012 March Brewness competition is… Stone Brewing Company. Congratulations to Stone and a big thank you to everyone who voted in this years contest. I would love to hear some feedback to see what you thought of this years format vs. last years format.

March Brewness Final Round

In our final match-up of March Brewness we have two well established craft breweries. In our final round of voting we have Stone vs. Victory. Voting will be open all week.


The final results will be posted new Monday. I am going to be away on a mini-vacation for the next week. Thanks for voting!

Round 4 Results

The results are in for the final match-up of March Brewness.For the first time we have an east coast brewery vs. a west coast brewery. Without further adieu, let’s take a look at the results of round four:

  • Match-up 1
    • Stone Brewing Company (55%)
    • Anchor Brewing Company (45%)
  • Match-up 2
    • Victory Brewing Company (86%)
    • Russian River Brewing Company (14%)

Voting for the final round will open today and stay open for the entire week. I will be on a brief vacation for the week.