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March Brewness Round 1 Results

Our first round of the competition is in the books and there were some big surprises in the results. The most notable news is that last years champion, Saint Arnold Brewing Company, lost in the first round! Below are the results.

  • R1M1
    • Lefthand Brewing Company (63%)
    • Southern Tier Brewing Company (36%)
  • R1M2
    • Breckenridge Brewery (60%)
    • Abita Brewing Company (40%)
  • R1M3
    • Kona Brewing Company (17%)
    • Stone Brewing Company (83%)
  • R1M4
    • Brooklyn Brewing Company (47%)
    • Three Floyds Brewing (53%)
  • R1M5
    • Alaskan Brewing Company (32%)
    • Bear Republic Brewing (68%)
  • R1M6
    • Anchor Brewing Company (72%)
    • Harpoon Brewing Company (27%)
  • R1M7
    • Firestone Walker Brewing Company (91%)
    • Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales (9%)
  • R1M8
    • Flying Dog Brewing Company (65%)
    • Full Sail Brewing Company (35%)
  • R1M9
    • Boston Beer Company (59%)
    • Clipper City Brewing Company (41%)
  • R1M10
    • Founder’s Brewing Company (46%)
    • Allagash Brewing Company (54%)
  • R1M11
    • Saint Arnold Brewing (33%)
    • Victory Brewing Company (67%)
  • R1M12
    • Brewery Ommegang (45%)
    • Deschutes Brewery (55%)
  • R1M13
    • D.G. Yuengling & Sons (53%)
    • Great Lakes Brewing Company (47%)
  • R1M14
    • Dogfish Head Brewing Company (41%)
    • Sierra Nevada Brewing Company (59%)
  • R1M15
    • New Belgium Brewing Company (39%)
    • Russian River Brewing Company (61%)
  • R1M16
    • Cigar City Brewing Company (42%)
    • Troegs Brewing Company (58%)

There were a lot of close match-ups and several of which could have been changed with a few votes in the other direction. Some of the most notable match-ups were DFH and Sierra Nevada. These two companies have done several collaborations and the voting shows how close these two breweries are in the craft beer nerd’s eyes. The largest margin of victory was Firestone Walker over Jolly Pumpkin which was followed closely by Stone over Kona. America’s olderst brewery also managed to stay in the fight and passed on to round 2.

Check back on Monday for Round 2 voting. Also keep checking back on the other days as I have content being posted every day through March Brewness.

March Brewness 2012

March Brewness is coming back this year better than ever. I wanted to change the format a bit from last year as it was very labor intensive on my end and the voting seemed to go on forever. This year I decided to cut the field down from 64 to 32. This will allow for a quicker voting process and it will also get rid of some of the non-craft breweries that were in last years competition.

Last year each round was split into several sections to make it more manageable. This year I am using a different voting system, which will allow for voting to take place for an entire round at once. This again will make things easier for me and easier for you. In our past competition visitors were given two days to vote. I am going to keep that in place for now.

As with last year the match-ups are randomly decided on. I used a random number generator and then sorted the match-ups from lowest to highest. Breweries we picked based off of size, longevity, culture, and availability. There were some hard choices to make, but in the end I feel like the field of 32 is very solid.

Voting will start on March 15th, with results being posted on the 17th with the next round following two days later. Saint Arnold Brewing Company took home last year’s prize. Let’s see what this year holds.

Brewpub update

I haven’t posted about my dream to own a brewpub in some time. There is no real reason for this other than the fact that there hasn’t been any real progress on it. I have been doing a lot of reading into the restaurant and brewing business recently. I feel that I increase my chance for success the best if I can arm myself with knowledge. At some point my knowledge needs to transition into action and I hope that it will soon.

At the current spot in my life I know that I am going to secure for the next few years in terms of location, but after that I really have no idea. My wife is finishing up her PhD and when she does that, we will likely be moving. I do not want get deep into the planning process until we are settled in an area for a long period of time. I would love to go full in to my dream right now, but it just isn’t in the cards at the current time. I have responsibilities to my family that come first. My ideas on what exactly I want to do and how I think I want to do it have progressed significantly since I last talked about my brewpub, but that is a post for another time. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still working towards my goal and that the dream is still alive.

2011 Review: My beer culture

2011 was a great year for my beer culture. There were a number of firsts for me this year and I think that my new experiences really helped me get a fully understanding of beer culture. I am going to break up this post into three sections to help better organize my thoughts; beer culture, homebrewing, and 2012 plans

Beer Culture

I certainty had a full year for my education in beer culture. I went to Europe for a week and a half and drank in half a dozen counties. Seeing how beer is treated overseas versus in the US was an interesting thing to see and I really want to go back to Belgium and Germany to enjoy more beer and beer culture. I also had the chance to meet Sam Calagione this year which was awesome as he is a role model of mine. I also attended my first beer festival this year and had an absolute blast. I can’t wait to go again next year.


I started homebrewing almost five years ago and this year was by far my favorite. I turned out a lot of great beer and also added a lot of needed (alright wanted) equipment. I now have a kegerator, grain mill, and an outdoor propane burner. All of these items have added to my enjoyment or understanding of the beer brewing process.

2012 Plans

In 2012 I have a lot of things I want to do for the site and my own homebrewing. The first thing is that I want to move away from seasonal beers and try to get some wider release beers. The reasons for this are many, but it really boils down to two things, 1. Seasonal beers have been disappointing for me, and 2. this site gets visitors from all over the US and Europe, I want to review beers that my visitors can get as well so that we can share out experiences together.

On the actual site end of things I would like to clean-up the look of the site a bit and refine how I do the March Brewness competition/popularity contest. I would also really like to do a beer styles analysis to help me and my visitors break down the expected smells, tastes, and other characteristics from different beers. The final thing I want to do for the site is get more of my homebrewing documented. I didn’t post many recipes this year and I need to do a better job of that since I am producing some beer that I really enjoy.

On a homebrewing note I want to expand into lagers this year and I want to brew at least once a month. I would also like to try to duplicate some commercial beers just to see how well my brewing/tasting abilities are. The only other thing I hope to do in 2012 is keep the site updated on even days of the month. It’s a model that I have been trying to do for the past few months, and for the most part, I have done a good job.

Thank you so much for visiting BreweryReviewery. I really appreciate all of the comments and feedback that I get. I am well aware that there are many other beer review/homebrewing sites out there but it means a lot to me to see my visitor numbers grow each month. I hope everyone has a great 2012.

Do you have any 2012 beer plans?