The Homebrewers’ Recipe Guide

When I first started doing 5 gallon batches of homebrew I picked up two books. The first was the Joy of Homebrewing and the second was  The Homebrewers’ Recipe Guide. I figured that the JoH was a great teaching book but didn’t have a lot of recipes, and  I wasn’t totally ready to start formulating my own, so a recipe ... Read More »

Beer Tasting Notes

Last week I put up a link on the sidebar to the book that I was talking about a month or so ago. I finally got everything setup and running for it. The book is called Beer Tasting Notes and it is more a workbook than anything else. Inside there is space for 75 different beer sample notes. It covers ... Read More »

Beer School: Bottling Success at the Brooklyn Brewery

This is the first book review we have had on this site. There are sure to be many to follow as I have done a lot of reading on the subject of beer, but this was my most recent accomplishment, so let me share a little bit. First off, this isn’t a new book, it has been out for a ... Read More »