Fun Things

To Koozie or not to koozie

I’m always looking for a way to keep my homebrew at an optimal temperature while fermenting, but I’ve never given a ton of consideration to the drinking temperature. I usually pull a beer out of the fridge and let it warm over time. The problem is that different beers will greatly suffer from getting too warm. The same goes for ... Read More »

Block Printing Beer Labels


In college I took a lot of classes centered around printing. One of my favorite style of printing is block printing. It’s simple, cheap, and has some really nice looking results. For my block printing I purchased the Speedball Super Value Block Printing Starter Kit (not ad linked). The basic idea is that you have a soft block of material ... Read More »

American Craft Beer Week 2012

If you were not aware, today was the start of American Craft Beer Week. This is the seventh year of the week and there are thousands of events in all 50 states scheduled. Check out for all of the events. Speaking of they have a great craft beer quiz to take in celebration of this week. I scored ... Read More »

Prohibition Infographic

I found this while browsing the web today and I thought that I should share it. The file size to too big to put on the main page but you can click here to view it. Read More »

A better way to rate beer?

I’ve explained in the past my views on beer rating and why there is not “rating system” on this site, but I do want to find a better way to review beers and understand them. Why are all IPAs not created equal and what makes one better then another even if they use the same recipe? Some of these questions ... Read More »