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Lots of reading to do

Santa brought me lots of fun reading material this year. My beer book related collection almost doubled in size this winter. To start out with I picked up a copy of the Naked Pint, which I am about halfway through so far. I am really enjoying it an it has made me think about a bunch of stuff that  I can talk about on this blog that I have been missing out on. The second book that I received is homebrewing related, and a book that I have longed for since I started doing all grain brewing. Designing Great Beers is the name of the book and it takes the science of homebrewing to a whole new level. There are charts, graphs, and lots of helpful information scattered through the almost 400 pages.

Another addition to my homebrewing book collection is Radical Brewing which is another book that I have wanted for a bit of time. There are lots of fun tidbits in there and a lot of interesting information. The final book that I received was The Brewers Association’s Guide to Starting Your Own Brewery. Essentially it is a collection of magazine articles from the Brewers Association publication called The New Brewer. There is a lot of great information in the book and encompasses everything from a business plan to staffing options. Being that I (and every other homebrewer) want to open my own brewery or brewpub one day, it is a great resource.