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Change is a happenin’

I’ve been unsatisfied with the look of BreweryReviewery for awhile now and I finally went ahead and did something about it. In all honesty the changes did not take long, it more just took the motivation on my part to go ahead and do it. The new layout is cleaner, easier to read, and overall just better to look at. No more of that soft blue sidebar and the small gray text. I want to thank Scott of The Brew Club for recommending the layout and being helpful in the process of the change.

There are still a few changes that I want to make before I feel settled with this layout, but they are not major or time consuming to make. They just take a bit of tinkering to get corrected. This is the third design that BreweryReviewery has had since we started. The first layout lasted for about a month and a half and the previous layout was up for about a year. I’m hoping this one will stick around for awhile.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a website guru, but with my limited skills, some help from Scott, and a bit of work, I am happy with the result. Let me know what you think about the new layout and if I should keep it or go back to the old days. Also let me know if you think the logo on the side is any good. That took longer than any of the other changes that I made.

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