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Beer birthday cake

This beer blogger just recently celebrated a birthday. My wife got me a bottle of beer, some Delirium Tremens to be exact, and I received a few other beer related items. Apparently I am getting easy to shop for becasue 75% of the gifts I get now relate to beer. They know me so well. Anyway my wife also decided to make me a beer birthday cake and I think it turned out awesome.

The original idea was to make it into a pilsner style glass. She used a pound cake mix becasue if Cake Boss and Ace of Cakes have taught us anything, pound cake is great for carving. She put cake batter into a few cake pans and then used a straight edged glass to make circles. She then put frosting between the layers and placed it in the fridge for a bit to harden up. When carving, she found out that the circles were a bit too narrow to be carved properly into a pilsner shape, so we decided that it was mug (with no handle). In either case I think it turned out great and I really dig the suds on the top.