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Beer Wars Movie: Initial Impressions

I know that the movie has been out for some time now and the theater part of it was almost a year ago at this point, but I finally got around to seeing Beer Wars. Thanks to Netflix for scoring a deal to let me watch it through the magic of the interwebs and my XBOX 360. I originally wanted to see the movie or should I say event when it came out. The only problem was that I was in college and the nearest place that was showing it was 45 minutes away and I have a 7:45 AM class the next day. So I didn’t go.

Anyway the movie looks at the fight between the big beer companies and the little guys, a.k.a the craft brewers. It tells that story of how things got to be where they are, what has changed in recent years, and what the future looks like. I have to be running to work here real soon so I will keep this short and to the point. I enjoyed the movie. The view was a bit biased, but that is alright. I am looking at it from the same bias. The story was easy to follow and entertaining. It reminded me of a Micheal Moore movie minus the left wing nut-job aspect. I’ll write more on this when I get home. I just wanted to share that I watch Beer Wars finally.

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