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Beer Review #48 Noble Pils

Ever since I have been drinking craft beer, Sam Adams has been in my drink lineup. They released a new spring seasonal this year taking the place of the White Ale of last year. For this spring Sam decided to go with a Pilsner, a “nobel pilsner.” The reason they call it a Nobel Pils is becasue the hop varieties used in the making of this beer are said to be noble. You know how the periodic table of elements has the noble gasses, well hops also have a noble lineage.

The beer pours a nice golden in color and is perfectly clear. There is a bit more of a hue in it than a typical Light American Lager, but there isn’t a huge difference in how the two look. It also pours with a nice white fluffy head. The nose on this beer is actually somewhat complex for how simple a Pilsner really is. There is a sweet, honey-like malt with a splash of hop in there as well. It isn’t stale or sulfery smelling like a light of light colored lagers tend to have.

On the tongue the sweet malt is on the front and then there is a good hoppy finish. Some might compare this beer to a Light American Lager based on looks, but the malt is more complex and there is actually a hop finish. The hop finish might surprise some, but it is not overpowering and really complements the drink. Noble Pils is light in mouthfeel and has the perfect amount of carbonation.

I find this beer super drinkable. It is great for a warm spring day or on a hot summer day. I think this beer would appeal to a lot of beer drinkers crossing into the craft beer for the first time. As I have said before on this site, Pilsner is not a style of beer that I enjoy, but Sam Adams Noble Pils was a winner in my book.

3 thoughts on “Beer Review #48 Noble Pils

  1. This beer has been getting some very good reviews from bloggers whose opinions I respect (like yours). I keep eyeballing this beer every time I go looking for something new, but have always passed on it. I think I’ll get some next time before its gone! This is a seasonal, right, or will it be part of the regular line up?

  2. I enjoyed this one. I had it out of their Brewer’s Sampler. I usually turn up my nose at mass produced beer but the nice hopped ending of this one made it a real easy drinker. Good carbonation and refreshingly good.

  3. @Scott- Yes I would highly recommend it. A very nice, drinkable beer that is packed with flavor. Make sure you grab it before it is gone, becasue it is in their seasonal line up. I think it could move into a normal rotation though. It appeals to enough people that it should be selling really well.

    @BreworFerment- Yeah I don’t venture into the “big” craft breweries so much anymore (other than DFH) but I was glad that I did. Call me a sucker for good advertising.

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