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Beer Calendar problem

I got the “365 Bottles of Beer for the Year Page-A-Day Calendar 2010 ” for Christmas this year. I have really enjoyed it as far as offering a different type of beer and also as far as exposing me to new beers. I have run in to a few issues with it though. My biggest problem with the calendar is that they put seasonal beers in the wrong season. In January there were a few summer beers. And now that it is spring there are a few fall beers in there. Why? It doesn’t take an editing genius to decide that seasonal beers should go with the season they represent.

My only other problem with the calendar is that beers they love, I tend to dislike. In particular there are a lot of light lagers that they call “refreshing and relaxing” where I would just plainly call them poor. I am sure that it is personal preference but when you are comparing great beers (because they do have plenty in there) to beers that just don’t measure up, it takes away from the quality as a whole. Alright, I am done my little rant for today, but I am sure you can understand the frustration especially with the whole seasonal thing.