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My curse as a beer blogger

cursesMy wife finally got back from chasing tornadoes with Vortex 2 the other day and last night we decided to go the the adult beverage store and get a few things. The problem was that I really didn’t need anything, we have a bottom of a shelf in our fridge full of beer. The problem, they are just signal bottles of multiple styles, brands, and kinds of beer. While it really isn’t a problem to have lots of beer, for a beer blogger it is a problem to only have one left of each beer if you haven’t reviewed it yet.

Thus my curse as a beer blogger. I have dozens of beers, but only one of each, so when I just want to drink a beer and not have to worry about doing a review, I am kind of stuck. I normally will get a six pack and put one aside and enjoy the other five. The last one is the one that all of the attention gets paid to. I get pictures, review, and really examine the beer. My wife told me that I need to start drinking more. Yes! I already have a backlog of beer review to post on this site and I have plenty of others still left to do. Anyway, the beer reviews are going to start flowing as my wife is encouraging my habit. Any other bloggers or causal drinkers have any problems with getting rid of the last bottle?

8 thoughts on “My curse as a beer blogger

  1. I can relate! Part of The Brew Club is just exchanging beers, so often I’ll only have one sample of any given beer! Sometimes it sucks because I just want to enjoy it without analyzing everything, but then I want to share it on the blog.

    Like you, I have a backlog of beers that I want to review, but I also try to keep some ‘drinking beer’ on hand just in case. Its a tough job, but we don’t mind suffering for our readers! 🙂

  2. Looking forward to the reviews to come. I understand a bit with the problem of drinking that last bottle. While I dont have to worry about saving a bottle to do beer reviews, I always just hate drinking that last bottle.
    I’m also proud of you, not sure how you did it, but to have you wife say that you need to drink more beer is an accomplishment. I have heard her, on more than one occasion, that you drink too much, so congrats on changing her mind!
    Go ahead and drink those delicious beers you’ve been hording in that bottom drawer, so what is you don’t do a review, you can always just buy that beer again.

  3. I agree with Pete. I obviously also have no reason to write about it or review it, but it’s so hard to drink the last bottle of something good. Even harder is when it’s one of those special finds, and I only have a bottle or two. It’s hard enough to drink the last, but to drink the only one takes that to another level

  4. The bottles do stack up. I’ve got a ton to drink. Luckily, I have a cellar, which keeps those beers around. I’m like you, I’ve got about 50 beer review backlogs…it’s a curse and a blessing at the same time.

  5. @Scott: If I must suffer than beer is a wonderful way to do it.

    @Pete: I really do hate getting rid of the last beer. I don’t know what it is but it feels like you are never going to get it back or have the chance to drink it again.

    @Mike: I agree, when it is rare or you can’t regularly get the beer it is tough to drink it.

    @Michael: My backlog is also getting around 50 beers or so. I have one Spring beer left to post and spring has already passed us by. I wish I had a nice basement to store things in, but my one bedroom apartment barely holds the wife and dog, let along my beer habit. Lubbock is also void of basements. Thanks for stopping by.

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