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Back home

The move went off without a hitch. We ran into some mild traffic jams and a few downpours on our 3 days, 30 hours, 1800 mile trip, but all in all, it went as good as can be expected. The pup is a champion car rider and sat in the front passenger seat of my wife’s car and slept the whole time. We are now back in southeastern PA and will be moving to Delaware in a few weeks. Updates will be back but there are still going to be slow as we are trying to unpack as little as possible until we make the final move. Also sorry about the site getting that 403 error. Apparently the host changed a few permissions on files that were using up CPU space and our index file (the one you see) was a problem. I got all of that sorted out, I just wish they would of told me before they made the move.

It feels great to be back. I enjoyed a few Yuengling’s the night that I went out and was very pleased to have that familiar taste available to my taste buds again. Yuengling was actually the first beer that was reviewed on the site. I think my reviews have gotten much better since then. I am glad to be back home and the reviews will start flowing as soon as we get fully settled here. I have a bunch of homebrewing to get caught up on as well.