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Beer Holster

Ever needed to carry a beer but want to hold it? Some smart company has come up with the Beer Holster. It’s like a gun holster, but it fits a beer can or bottle instead of the gun. Probably more useful too.

Unlike your typical holster there is no need to have a belt to carry this around. There is simply a clip that you hook on you pants and that’s it, your ready to carry beer. It looks like it is made out of leather of some type, which might be bad for the life of the product, but it will ensure that your beer doesn’t get warmed up from body heat.

The company also has a bunch of special options avialable. You can get your name on the holster or get a custom image printed right onto it. Probably not a product that you really need to go out and get, but it would be nice to show your friends. It sure would ensure a fun conversation.