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I hate beer snobs!

Out in Texas I ran into a few beer snobs at the local homebrew club, but overall, they didn’t bother me all that bad. They knew what they liked and what they didn’t. No problem with that. Now that I live in Delaware, I have run into more beer snobs than I have ever met. I think this is do to a larger number of educated beer people, but it is getting annoying.

I was at my new favorite beer place yesterday trying to grab a bottle of Dogfish Head’s Bitches Brew and I ran into the worst beer snobs I have ever met. It started with my wife and I looking around the store trying to see if they had it. We could not find it in any of the coolers or on the shelves so we asked one of the guys who works there if they had it. Limit two per customer, cool. As the worker descended into the back room, a couple who overheard the conversation came over to us and said, “we had a bottle of that this morning, it was alright, not really that great.” What! The rules of being in public say that you don’t listen in on other peoples conversations and make comments on them.

You also do not give your opinion on a beer that someone else specifically asked for unless they ask you for one. We were in the store for about a half hour getting what we wanted and the couple did not move from one shelf the entire time. They were in the way, and were on their iPhones looking up each and every beer on the shelf. If it didn’t have an “A” rating, it did not go in the cart. I hate that. Get something that you like, don’t depend on other people’s tastes. I love the craft beer world and love the community surrounding it, but those kinds of people drive me up the wall.

6 thoughts on “I hate beer snobs!

  1. Amen! Where’s the fun in looking up grades on beers BEFORE you drink them? It’s interesting to see what others thought AFTER but seeing a grade before will color your perception I think.

  2. I agree. I have often found myself disagreeing with what the big beer review sites have to say about certain beers. If I would of looked up some brews before I bought them, I never would of done so, and missed out on something terrific.

  3. Well put. If someone is going to eves drop on my convo. at least have the decency to keep your mouth shut or say something constructive/polite.
    The beauty of the craft beer industry is that there are a lot of creative brewers who may not have a high rated brew, but if its a small niche market they are aiming for then most peoples opinions do not matter.

    BTW. How was the beer?

  4. for real I hate the beer advocate people who do reviews and shit on a beer that doesn’t cost 20$ for a 6 pack or beers that are made by large companies

  5. Yeah, the cost of beer has nothing to do with it’s quality. I have enjoyed some wonderful $7.50 six packs and some terrible $20 four packs. Thanks for the comments Joe.

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