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Beer Review #73 Otter Creek Oktoberfest

I’ve never had an Otter Creek beer before, but I can’t help but pick up seasonal beers when I see them. Otter Creek Brewing Company is located in Middlebury, Vermont and their website doesn’t give much more detail on the company other than that. Doing a bit more research I found their earliest beer that is still in production was originally made in 1991. Our beer for today made its first appearance in 1995.  This Oktoberfest does not come in the normal blue and white diamonds, instead the bottle’s label is orange and has the Otter Creek crest prominently displayed.

The beer pours a nice orange color white a thin off-white head. The clarity is there as well. On the nose I got some slight caramel sweetness. There is no heat on the nose but there is a bit of hops. I also picked up a slight sulfur smell on the nose. I get sulfur on lager beers on a regular basis, but in Oktoberfest style beers the malt usually drowns it out.

The taste is surprisingly not malty at all. The main thing you notice is a harsh/strange ending in the beer. The sulfur is on the back-end as well and that might be contributing to the strange ending. There are a fair amount of hops in this beer, much more than what I would expect in a traditional Oktoberfest. Otter Creek’s Oktoberfest comes in at a very light 4.5% ABV. You could easily down a few of these and not have to worry about getting far gone. If this beer didn’t have the strange ending it does, it would be much more drinkable. I would say that there are much better examples of Oktoberfest beers out there. I’m not going to be purchasing this beer again next year.

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