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Keezer Part 1

Santa was nice enough to bring me a few things that will make me enjoy homebrewing a whole lot more. The big guy brought be a chest freezer, and a two keg setup! I’m pretty excited about it and I can’t wait to have my homebrew on draft. One of the biggest stumbling blocks I have with homebrewing is bottling. It takes forever, a lot can go wrong, and you have to wait till it carbonate to drink your beer. Bummer.

Soon enough I’ll have a fully functioning keezer with two taps and room for a third. The term keezer comes from the combination of kegorator and chest freezer. Some in the homebrew community dislike the name, I am indifferent. Anyway, I picked up a chest freezer off of Craig’s List for $80 and the thing looks beautiful. As a comparison a new model of the freezer runs for $150.  I will be keeping a journal of my progress with the keezer along with anything that I find helpful. The project should me pretty quickly since it isn’t very complicated.

I currently live in an apartment and power tools are not abundant, so I am going to make this thing with the use of two tools; a drill and caulk gun. Happy New Year and I hope everyone had a few good beers over the holidays.

5 thoughts on “Keezer Part 1

  1. Looks like a pretty sweet setup! I was curious about the size of your freezer? as I’m starting to look for my own keg system setup and I’m trying to get an idea as to how big of a freezer I may need.

  2. Mine is a 5 cubic foot GE freezer. It has room for two kegs without a collar and three with one. Needless to say I have a collar on it.

  3. By collar I mean a ring of wood to go around the top, between the top of the freezer and the lid. I will transfer the hinges of the lid to the collar so that it closes normally. Basically I am making the freezer taller so that I can get an extra keg in there. I also gives me a place to put holes for the taps.

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