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Important January 24th items

January 24th happens to be a special day in this beer blogger’s life. Not only is it a day that I get to celebrate being alive, my buddy Mike also passed along that the first canned beer was sold on this day in 1935.

1935: The first canned beer in the United States goes on sale in Richmond, Virginia. By the end of the year, 37 breweries follow the lead of the Gottfried Krueger Brewery.

The American Can Co. began experimenting with canned beer in 1909. But the cans couldn’t withstand the pressure from carbonation — up to 80 pounds per square inch — and exploded. Just before the end of the Prohibition in 1933, the company developed a “keg-lining” technique, coating the inside of the can the same as a keg.

For a long time canned beer didn’t make a craft beer drinker’s mouth water, but canned beer is making a comeback in the craft beer world. There are many reasons why it is a great choice for craft breweries but it has been a slow adoption. Happy January 24th folks!

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