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Beer Review #83 Hibernator

Hibernator ale comes from Log Trail Brewing Company of Bridgewater Corners, Vermont. I have had a few of their beers before and I have generally enjoyed them very much. Hibernator is an unfiltered Scottish Ale, which to mean means that this thing is going to be super malty. Malty = good when it is cold out.

This ale pours a brilliant ruby color with a slightly off-white head. There is a slight haze to it as well which probably comes from the yeast left in the beer since it is unfiltered. The nose is very citrus smelling. Actually it is really fresh and wonderful if you as me. There is some slight malt on the nose, but the hop aromas really bury those smells.

The taste is nice and biscuity. The malt again is light. Not as heavy as I would of expected but it works good in this beer. I also go some lemon or orange flavors mixed in as well. Overall it was a really yummy tasting beer. I guess my biggest problem with this beer is that it doesn’t remind me of winter at all. The typical spices were not there and it just didn’t fit in with a “winter style” beer. I would love to see this in the spring just as things are beginning to warm up and animals are coming out of hibernation.

At 6.0% it is sessionable but again, a bit short of the winter style that I usually like to see. The bottle says that the beer is “robust and malty…” I’m not sure if I would call it either of those, but tasty would be appropriate.

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