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Beer Review #90 Winter Solstice Seasonal Ale

We had a good bit of snow fall yesterday here in northern Delaware and snowfall makes winter ales so much more enjoyable. Today’s winter ale comes from Anderson Valley Brewing Company located in Mendocino, California. I never heard of this brewery when I purchased a bottle of this beer so I was excited/hesitant to try it. As a sidenote for any of our new readers, I don’t look at any of the beer review websites before purchasing a beer. I simply go into the store and get what looks interesting. I don’t understand the point of looking at beer reviews before shopping, I think it could skew your opinion of the beer (for better or worse).

This winter seasonal ale comes in a bit darker than my last review, coming in at a “burnt amber.” It is perfectly clear and has a think off-white head to go along with the beer. The nose has lots of dried fruit, with a slightly sour ending. I also got a lot of malt in the nose. It smelled rich.

With all of the malt on the nose I was expecting a really thick, chewy beer, but it was very light. The first thing I thought of when I drank this beer was how light it was upfront. The dried fruit flavors kick in about halfway though the taste. A nice spicy end accompanies the rest of the flavors. This beer comes in at 6.9% and it again surprises me that a beer this think comes in at a higher level ABV. Winter Solstice Seasonal Ale is a drinkable beer but for my likings, I think this one would get old quickly.