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Keezer Part 3

In my last post about the my Keezer build I stained and finished the collar and also assembled it. Once that was completed I had to secure the collar to the freezer. To do this I used all purpose Liquid Nails. Once the Liquid Nails fully set (about 24 hours or so) I caulked all of the joints as you can see below.

Once the caulk dried I went ahead and drilled a few holes. The first set was to realign the hinges so that the lid could open and close normally. I made a paper template by holding a piece of paper up to the old holes on the freezer and poking holes through the paper with a pencil. Simple, but it worked. Remember I am doing this conversion with as few tools as possible. So far the only power tool required is a drill.

After I drilled the holes for the lid I drilled a hole for the temperature controller. The temperature controller is in charge of keeping the freezer from doing it’s job. The freezer can get down to 0 degrees on it’s lowest setting, I don’t want that to happen because I can’t drink or serve frozen beer. The two pictures below show the hole from the outside and inside of the keezer.

In my next update I will drill holes for the faucets/shanks and button the whole thing up.