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Beer Review #92 Goose Island Mild Winter

I have a Goose named brewery who’s beer you can actaully buy for you today. Unlike our last Goose beer, Goose Island Beer Company of Chicago, Illinois  is happily in business, and making some quality beer. The brewery classifies their beer as an American Mild Ale and other sources have it listed as a rye beer. Who knows, who cares, as long as it tastes good.

Mild Winter pours a nice amber color and has a fluffy off-white head. When you hear mild in beer terms, you should expect something on the malty end of things, and from my experience, something pretty dry. The nose on this beer did not disappoint. IT was super malty, toasty, bready, and full of biscuit. I love beers that smell like this.

The taste has some good toasty flavors fully by a nice hop-bite. There is some nice roastiness in there as well. It really finishes dry, and leaves a great aftertaste. Mild Winter is a really solid winter ale. It isn’t dark or heavy but it delivers. I could drink this thing all winter long and at 5.6% I could do so for a while. Try it out if you have the chance.