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Beer Review #99 Midwinter Warmer

Happy first day of spring. While spring has finally come, I have one last winter beer to share with you. This beer comes all the way from Fort Collins, Colorado by way of Equinox Brewing Company. Equinox started as a homebrew store and has grown into a full fledged brewery. My buddy Pete sent me this beer a month or so ago to sample. This is a special ale because of how it is made,

A bold, rich aroma and layers of complex flavors entice the senses. Deep, smooth malt character rounds out a warming finish. Aged for 3 1/2 months in a bourbon cask, a cabarnet cask and stainless steel before blending. The flavors and overall complexity increases as the beer warms

Midwinter Warmer is a barleywine style ale that rocks in at 10% ABV. It pours a nice brown color, with a thin, off-white head. No light makes it though this beer as it is quite cloudy. The nose is very sweet with caramel notes a plenty. There is some dried fruit in there along with some of that 10% ABV.

The first taste gives a strong hop back-end that was hidden in the nose. The sweetness is strong and the caramel mixes very nicely with the dried fruity esters produced by the yeast. The heat is there throughout the drink, but it isn’t harsh, rather warming. This is a thick beer, bold in every way. This was bottled in a a bottle that was around 16 oz or so. I didn’t write down the exact size of the bottle when I was reviewing this beer. I wish it came ins 12 oz bottles just because it is so thick and high in alcohol. My only real complaint is that the bottled version of this beer was a bit under carbonated but I have heard that kegged version are more up to par as far as CO2 goes. Finally a winter beer that deserves the name.