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March Brewness Finals

Today marks the end of March Brewness 2011. It has been a lot of fun running this tournament and the feedback has been great. Thank all of you who have voted very much for participating. Our field of 64 has narrowed to just two. Both representatives for this final round are coming from the south which I find a little surprising. I figured the west coast would get a bit more love in this tournament. Before we get on with the voting let’s take a look at our two breweries.

Abita Brewing Company

Abita is located in Abita Springs, Louisiana. It opened in 1986 and moved to a new location due to growth in 1994. They currently brew 109,000 barrels of per a year and have a very wide distributorship. Abita’s flagship beer is their Amber, which is quite tasty. I personally dig their Turbodog. Last year I was drinking Abita for the Superbowl.

Saint Arnold Brewing Company

In the same year that Abita moved to a new location, Saint Arnold Brewing Company opened its doors. They are located in Houston, Texas and I have tried many of their brews while I lived in Texas last year. Saint Arnold is Texas’ oldest craft brewery and their namesake has a very interesting story. You can read it here. Surprisingly their flagship beer is also an amber.

This should be a great match-up and I am very interested to see the results of how this battle from the south comes out. Sixty-four breweries once stood and now we are down to just two. Vote for the brewery that you would like to see win March Brewness 2011!

3 thoughts on “March Brewness Finals

  1. Technically, I think Shiner is Texas’ oldest running Craft brewery even though St. Arnold claims it is. Spoetzl has been around since 1909, but some claim it is more of a macro than a craft brewery. Either way, I vote for Saint Arnold because they have consistently awesome beers and are doing creative thing like their Moveable Yeast series. Plus the yearly Divine Reserve is always great.

  2. You are correct Spoetzl Brewery who makes the Shiner line is much older than Saint Arnold. I believe that they put Spoetzl into a “higher class” of brewery when making that claim. I haven’t had a chance to try their Divine Reserve releases, but maybe they will start to release stuff farther east soon.

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