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A History of Oyster Stouts

While I was running March Brewness I also found a lot of great content for the site. I decided to let the tournament run its course and then post all of the content I found later. Harpoon Brewery (who’s Winter Ale I reviewed this year) put out a nice video on the history of Oyster Stouts. It’s a different kind of beer if you have ever had the chance to try one and I thought this video did a good job of telling the story of them.

YouTube Preview Image

2 thoughts on “A History of Oyster Stouts

  1. That’s a rough type of stout. I’ve tried a few and they’ve been way too… “oystery.” I’ve heard blending it with a bit of a Grand Cru or sour beer, it gets a bit better. Good informational video – I understand the appeal, but it just wasn’t for me!

  2. I’ve only had one and it was way over carbonated to really pick up on the actual flavors in the beer. I’m not a fan of any type of seafood so I’m not sure how the “oystery” flavor would sit with me. Thanks for the comment!

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