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Beer Review #103 Pollenator

This spring seasonal beer comes from the Long Trail Brewing Company out of Bridgewater Corners, Vermont. I really wish that Long Trail was in a town with a shorter name, it’s a real pain to type. I reviewed their winter seasonal, Hibernator, towards the beginning of the year and enjoyed it very much.

This ale pours a clear golden color with a white head. The nose is nice and bready. There was a sweet, honey-like odor coming as well accompanied with a slight hop bite. I really like how this beer smells. It is slightly complex, but promises to be light and refreshing. On the first taste I got a light sweetness up front followed by a solid, but subtle hops. The bready notes found in the nose are followed up in the aftertaste very nicely.

Pollenator has a light mouthfeel which goes nicely with this ale. I found the beer nice and light. The hops make it crisp and add a lot of flavor to the beer. Luckily, this beer is very sessionable as well coming in at 4.6%. It was very refreshing, perfect for those warm days just before spring turns into summer.

2 thoughts on “Beer Review #103 Pollenator

  1. I think Pollenator is the the only beer from them I haven’t tried yet. I’ll have to watch for it this year! BTW, the Bridgewater Corners area of Vermont is simply beautiful! I recommend a brewery visit to anyone!

  2. I would love to get up there, especially during the fall. Try to grab it before next week, as it looks like Jersey is in for a nice spring warm-up.

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