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Which beer would you pick as your last?

All of this talk of the rapture coming tomorrow got me thinking. What beer would you choose for your last beer ever? It’s an interesting question and I could go two ways with the answer. On one hand I would go with a super rare beer that is a real treat to have. A good sipping beer, something that I like to call an “hour long drink.”

On the other hand I might go with something that I’ve loved for a long time. I’ve enjoyed Victory Brewing Company’s Hop Devil since I was old enough to drink and I could easily see myself having one of those as the end came. My choices come down to two things; preferred taste or “sexiness.” With the sexy beers you generally don’t know what you are getting. They are usually expensive and a rare buy. I’ve been very disappointed by some well acclaimed beers so a go-to beer would be a good choice since I know what I would be getting. On that same note, I already know what I’m getting so do I really want to spend my last drink on a sure thing? That might apply to other parts of life but, at least to me, not in beer.

So what beer is my choice for my last drink? I’m going to choose Russian River’s Pliny the Younger. A popular choice for some but a rarity for me. I’ve only had it once and it really hit the spot. It is a sexy beer, but a very drinkable sexy beer. What would be your last beer? Feel free to reply after tomorrow as well.

2 thoughts on “Which beer would you pick as your last?

  1. I posed the same question on our FB page because I really didn’t know! Anyway, a few people mentioned La Fin Du Monde as their last beer, and I think I agree with that choice!

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