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Our friends need some help

Our friends over at Thank Heaven for Beer have decided to take a leap of faith and open a brewery. Before they can achieve their dreams, they need some help. They have started a Kickstarter page in an attempt to raise the necessary funds to start their nanobrewery. You can check out the page for all of the information and for details on how you can help and what you can get if you do decide to help. They also have a nice video that introduces you to the idea.

If you have the chance, I would really recommend helping out these guys. Mike and Nate are two great people who have some great thoughts to share with the craft beer drinking community. On top of that, they seem like some solid brewers. If you don’t have the financial means to help them, help spread the word. One of the things I really love about the craft beer community is the real sense of community. Everyone seems to be out to help each other. When I started this blog, Mike and Nate were glad to trade links with me even though I wasn’t bringing anything to the table.

Many homebrewers have a dream of owning their own brewery, but few ever make it a reality. Help Mike and Nate achieve their dream. I am sure that you will not regret it. Once again, you can view the video and all of the information about Wilderness Brewing right HERE.

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