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Beer Review #110 Shiner Spring Ale Dortmunder Style

I will give Spoetzel credit for pumping out a lot of seasonal beers. Their line-up of beers seems to really have expanded recently and for the most part I have really enjoyed what they have been doing. Their spring beer this year is a dormunder style lager. Basically the style comes from German and is golden lager with a clean flavor profile and has some biscuit notes thrown in there as well. I think this style is prefect for a warm spring day.

This beer pours a clear golden color and has a fluffy white head to boot. The nose is slightly sweet with some bready notes in there. I got a lot of sulfur as well. On the first taste I really was surprised by how sweet this beer was. I was thinking that it would be a bit dryer because the nose didn’t scream sweetness. Also, “lighter” beers tend to not be overly sweet. The sweetness was very nice though, and even had some honey-like notes. The beer also had an “earthy” component to it as it tasted a bit grainy to me.

Overall I enjoyed this beer, but the sweetness did surprise me a bit. I’ve never had another dortmunder style beer so I don’t really have anything to compare it to but I thought it was a bit out of balance on the malt side. Grab it while you can.

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