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Beer Review #111 Hop Hazard

River Horse Brewing Company of Lambertville, New Jersey has been putting out some pretty tasty beers for awhile now. My favorite remains Tripel Horse but they make some other keeps as well. I’ve recently been on a hoppy beer kick, so an ale named Hop Hazard was just what I was looking for. Surprisingly, this beer is no an IPA, but rather an American Pale Ale. It is dry hopped however which, from my experience, can be a good or bad thing depending on how it is done.

Hop Hazard pours a burnt orange color and has a thin white head. It is super cloudy which is unexpected for an APA. The nose has some slight sweetness to it, but the grapefruit hops really shine. They are crisp and full. River Horse delivered on the hop promise as far as the nose is concerned.

On the first taste there was a decent hop strength. There are not a lot of definable flavors, but everything mixes nicely. There was a mild balance that made this beer more enjoyable. The hops cling to the backend of this beer, which I believe is a result of the dry hopping, but what do I know? Overall this beer was pretty good. There was a balance there, but I would of liked to see a bit more malt to bring it into a true balance. It comes in at  a respectable 6.5%, which is right where an APA should be in my opinion. Try it out if you have the chance, or a hankering for hops, but not IPA strength hops.

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