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Beer moods

A post over at The Brew Club got me thinking about something I am going to call beer moods. In the post, Scott reviewed Sam Adams Latitude 48 IPA and shared some thoughts about his experiences with IPAs. He said,

The Dogfish Head 60 was among my first craft beers, and quite frankly, I wasn’t ready for it at all!  As a matter of fact, I found it so much of an assault on my senses, that I wrote off the whole IPA scene until just last year.  What a shame.

The reason this caught my eye is that I was in the same boat when I first starting drinking craft beer. From my interpretation, IPAs are the beers that “hook” a lot of craft beer drinkers. I wonder why so many craft beer drinkers start with an IPA instead of ramping up to them. Why start at the extremes? An IPA is a aggressive beer with an acquired taste. Sure some people can take to them right away, but for many, they take time to appreciate.

In my own experience, I had someone who loved craft beer and guided me to learn the different beer styles. I was quickly a fan of IPAs but I really didn’t appreciate the first several that I had. There are some styles of beer that I like and crave more than others.

This is where the beer moods idea comes in. I really love hoppy beers sometime. Right now, I’m on a hoppy beer kick. But there  are other times where I don’t want anything hoppy. I want a malt forward beer or something with some spices. I seem to randomly go through these changes and I don’t understand why. Last year around this time I was on a Belgian beer kick. The strange part is that the moods kick in quickly and seriously deter me from trying the previous beer mood style.

Am I the only one who goes though these beer moods? If you do, what mood are you in now and how does it affect your beer drinking?

4 thoughts on “Beer moods

  1. Hey, thanks for the mention! Yeah, that initial IPA experience wasn’t good for me at all. I used to talk about it online (like a disorder or something!), and people would recommend trying the English IPAs (Like Sam Smith’s) or even American Pale Ales. The point was, don’t give up!

    Eventually, I did ‘ramp up’ and now I do enjoy American IPAs.

    As far as moods go, I was on an IPA kick, but after having a bunch of Yards IPA, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, and of course the Sam Adams IPA variety pack, I’m ready to move on for awhile! Right now with the temps rising, I find myself in the mood for refreshing wheat beers.

  2. I’m glad I’m not alone with my beer moods. I haven’t run into a wheat beer kick yet, but I’m sure it is only a matter of time.

  3. I totally agree with beer moods. Just finished my first hop mood which finally allowed me to apreciate a good IPA. I seem to now be moving on to wheats/hefeweizens too.

  4. Interesting. I’ve been on my hop kick for the last month or so, but I’m starting to crave Belgian beers now. Thanks for the comment.

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