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Beer Review #113 Shiner Double Wheat 102

I reviewed another Shiner beer last week, but it seems like every time I go to the beer store Spoetzl Brewery has a new beer out. This beer is not their summer beer but the wheat style seems to scream summer beer. Double Wheat 102 is an unfiltered wheat beer and comes in at 6.2% ABV.

The beer pours a golden orange color and has a light fluffy head. For an unfiltered beer, this thing sure pours clear. The nose has a yeasty character to it and also highlights the wheat grain. I noticed some light fruit odors in there as well but nothing too strong. On the first taste I was surprised at the amount of sweetness on the front-end of the beer. The yeasty, wheaty flavor comes though on the back-end. I noticed a strange taste through the middle of the drink, it was almost metallic. On the plus side it had a nice smooth finish.

This beer is super light in the mouthfeel, which only contributes to the “summer feel” of this beer. This beer really wasn’t my cup of tea. It was alright, but it had a cheap lager quality to it that completely threw me off. If you like wheat beers try it out, but if your taste buds agree with him, you can pass on this beer.