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My Europe Trip

Later this week I will be traveling to Europe for a two week vacation. I have always wanted to travel to Europe and when it came time to decide between a house and a fun vacation, my wife and I decided that the housing market just wasn’t stable enough. We also don’t know how long we will be in our current area, and with that type of uncertainty, Europe was an easy decision.

Smalls, my wife, wants to travel everywhere and do everything. I’m much less adventurous when it comes to travel, but Europe has always been interluding to me. Now that I’m into craft beer, Europe becomes even more interesting. I’m really looking forward to relaxing with Smalls and traveling all over the place and trying the beverages of the different countries.

We will be traveling to five countries during our trip, but only actually be staying in three of them. We will be traveling to Belgium, German, Austria, Czech Republic, and the Netherlands. Austria and the Netherlands will be day trips for us. Does anyone have any tips or any beers in particular to try when I am over there? We will be in each country for 2-3 days so we aren’t going to get to travel deep into an area to explore something special. We will also be mostly sticking to the major cities of the countries that we are going to; Brussels, Munich, Prague, and Amsterdam.

I’m really excited about this trip. On a side note, I’ve written some posts ahead of time and scheduled them to come out during my time in Europe. If you leave a comment or try to contact me, chances are I’m not going to see it until early July. Please leave any suggestions for my trip, I appreciate it.

3 thoughts on “My Europe Trip

  1. Weihenstephan Brewery in Germany is a MUST! Maybe not because it’s the best beer in the world, but good for beer history.

    I would also recommend trying to visit or find beers by Bockor in Belgium They make an incredible lambic. I got to taste some of the unblended super-sour base and it is incredible. Not sure if you’re in to sours, but if you are, it’s a treat.

    Also try to track down some of the Bavik Petrus ales. Again, sour ale… Cantillon is also a MUST. Great lambics…

    See what Fantome you can track down – really unique beers.

    Um… can’t think of anything else at the moment.. I’m sure I will though! Sounds like a great way to spend a few weeks. Lots of reviews when you get back, yes?

  2. @Nate, lucky you! When I went to Europe, sadly beer wasn’t a big thing for me so I didn’t really appreciate it. ALL the countries you are visiting have great beer (‘specially Belgium methinks).

    Check out another Nate’s blog, He’s an Aussie living in Europe and I’d bet he’d have some tips for you!

  3. Thanks for the suggestions Colin. I am looking into them right now. I have Belgium pretty well planned out but Germany is more flexible.

    Scott thanks for the suggestion on the site. I’m reading it now.

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