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Quick site updates

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve made a few changes to the site in the past few days. First, you will notice that there is a header image at the top of the page. I have removed the old logo on the right sidebar and moved some of the more important things up towards the top for better viewing. In addition to the visual changes I have made some changes on the back-end which should make the site feel a bit “snappier.”

Everything should be loading faster now. Please let me know if you notice and changes in the speed of the site. In addition to the speed changes, what do you think of the new header? Is there anything that you would changed? I’m just looking for some general feedback in order to make the site better.

One other other place that has received some updates is on our Facebook page. We now have a “vanity” URL found at If you don’t “like” us already, I highly recommend doing so as we will be giving away a few things to our Facebook fans starting in August. For some reason Facebook is not allowing me to set a profile picture right now but I hope to have that sorted out shorty.

Thanks for any feedback and for stopping by the site.