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Beer photography

I’ve gotten a few e-mails in the past two months asking about the ways that I take my pictures for this site. I am in no way a professional photographer, but I do like taking pictures of things and playing with camera equipment. I added some new equipment to my setup in the past few months and I think they quality of the pictures has really made a big turnaround.

The first thing that I added was a lightbox kit. A lightbox basically gives you the ability to control the background and lighting in one easy sweep. The background is long enough for the object of the photograph to be placed on. The lack of edges gives the photograph the look of having an endless background. It also can let it look like it is floating in air. I have my lightbox pictured below along with the lights I use to brighten it up.

If you look at the images I posted when I first started this site you can see that they look very different. The original location I took my pictures was in the kitchen of my college apartment. I picked this spot because it had good lighting and a white background. As you can see from the picture below the colors are good, but the lighting reflects things I don’t want in the picture and you can see various kitchen tools/equipment. My favorites are the power outlet on the right and the spatula on the left.

When I was in Lubbock, Texas I also took pictures in the kitchen. The lighting was good, but the background was not. As you can see in the pictures¬† below there is a defined corner and the picture is not level. The counter top wasn’t close to level, which made getting a level picture difficult.

In addition to the lightbox I also purchased a low-end digital SLR. This gave me the ability to control everything on my camera. Unlike most point and shots, a digital SLR gives you the ability to fully customize each setting to get an optimum picture. I still have a few things that I want to do with my current setup, but I feel that the quality of the images on this site have drastically improved since its beginning.

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