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Beer Review #138 Hellhound On My Ale

Since I live in Delaware, Dogfish Head beers are pretty easy for me to get a hold of. The same buddy who got Leipziger Gose for me asked if I could pick him up a bottle of Hellhound On My Ale. While I decided to get one for him, I also thought that I should get one for myself, since I’m such a giving guy. Dogfish Head made this 10% ABV double IPA to celebrate the 100th birthday of Robert Johnson. They have this to say about the beer:

2011 marks the 100th birthday of Mississippi Delta bluesman Robert Johnson who, according to legend, sold his soul down at the crossroads in a midnight bargain and changed music forever. Working again with our friends at Sony Legacy (yup, the same folks we did our Miles Davis-inspired Bitches Brew with), Dogfish Head pays tribute to this blues legend by gettin the hellhounds off his trail and into this finely-crafted ale.

I mainly think that they were looking for someone who’s birthday was coming up on 100 years since the beer have everything done in logarithmic scale. It have 10% ABV, 10 SRM (color), dry hopped with 100% centennial hops at a rate of 100 kilos per 100 barrels. Sounds good to me.

The beer pours a nice orange color with a slightly off-white head. The nose is loaded with lots of good hops and some sweetness. In addition it has some heat and lemons. Yeah lemons. This ale is actually brewed with lemons. Go figure.

The taste is complex and wonderful. There is some caramel and roasted malt followed by by some really solid hops. While this is a double IPA, it isn’t overboard on the hops. There is some heat present and the lemon flavor is kind of, sort-of there. For a big beer this one is pretty darn good. My only complaint is that the heat in this one is a little too strong compared to the rest of the balance that was created. This is a limited release so I have no idea if you can still get it, but if you can, it’s worth the $15 price tag.