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Beer Review #145 Dundee Oktoberfest

Dundee Brewing Company of Rochester, New York is one of the “usual suspects” here on the east coast. They are a large brewery with a wide distributorship. They also make some tasty, but inexpensive beer. Needless to say, I drank a lot of Dundee during college. With all of the beers that I have drank from them you would think that I have had their Oktoberfest, but I haven’t.

Dundee Oktoberfest pours a nice deep caramel color with a white head. It is perfectly clear as expected. The nose is deeply caramel with some toasty bits mixed in. There is some sweetness as well apart from the caramel. I didn’t get any hops. By first glance, this looked more accurate to my untrained American eyes than what an Oktoberfest from Germany did.

The first taste was really sweet on the front end with loads of caramel and toffee pouring over the taste buds. The hops kick in right as the sweetness gets to be too much and really dry the beer out. It strikes a surprising balance for a beer that starts off really sweet. I thought this rendition of an Oktoberfest was pretty decent. A little too sweet for me, but overall a really solid beer. I’m positive that there are better examples out there but for the price you can’t go wrong.

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