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Beer Review #148 Sly Fox Oktoberfest

This Oktoberfest is brewed by Sly Fox Brewing Company of Royersford, PA. The brewery is actually a small chain of brewpubs that also has a production brewery. They currently have two locations and I believe they are looking to expand. Pennsylvania seems to be a good spot if you want to open a brewpub chain. The Iron Hill group of brewpubs, Sly Fox, and one of the Rock Bottom Brewery locations all call Pennsylvania home.

Unlike any other Oktoberfest that I have had before, this one comes in cans. It pours a nice light amber color and has a white head. The nose isn’t super complex, but expected. There is some malt mixed with caramel. In the background I also found some lager sulfur.

The first taste beckons what the nose promised, malt and caramel. Behind the upfront flavors there are some nice grainy flavors. The hops do a great job of coming in and kicking out the sweetness of the malt. I found this one exceptionally balanced compared to some of the other “darker” Oktoberfest beers that I have had.

So far this is my favorite Oktoberfest of the year. The malt isn’t super sweet and heavy on the caramel components like a lot of the other examples of this style. It is very fresh tasting and the grainy notes really add to the quality of the beer. Sly Fox Oktoberfest comes in at 5.8% so it is sessionalable. I could see myself drinking this year round if they offered it.

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