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Goodbye PBW

09-03-16-011Sadly I wasn’t able to enjoy Philly Beer Week this year as I did last year. My spring break fell during the start and midterms happened when I got back. It kind of sucked, but that’s ok. It looks like it was a smashing success this year. There were over 600 events held all over the area. Philly really is a great beer city, there are so many ale houses and mircobreweries it is kind of scary.

Fox was able to capture some great footage and interviews from the event. You can see all of the videos here. I think one of my favorites is when Jim Koch stops in to promote Sam Adam’s new beers (the Imperial Series). The reason I like it is becasue the guy gets so excited when he is talking about the stuff. It’s not an act either, but if he is give him an Oscar. He really enjoys what he is doing and has helped bring about a fundamential industry change. Philly Beer Week will be eluding me for the next few years as I move around doing what I have to, to get a job and provide for the future wife.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye PBW

  1. Even though his brewery isn’t micro any more, he still is held in very high regard by the industry. He’s the real deal.

    Also, what’s with all this responsibility stuff? Putting family, studies and your future ahead of beer? 😉

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