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Beer Review #189 Revel Red Hoppy Ale

I love Stoudt’s Brewing Company of Adamstown, PA. They do an outstanding job of producing quality beers and I was lucky enough to have them within a half hour of my college. One of their beers was even on of my favorite beers of the year. When I saw a new beer of theirs on the store shelves I knew that I had to buy it. For some reasons stores know that if they put a new beer in the front of the store, I am going to get it. Darn marketing. Anyway Revel Red has a brightly colored label with the “V” being made out of bottle caps. Neat.

Revel Red pours a nice amber, dare I say, red color. It is perfectly clear and has a wispy white head. The nose has a slight hop kick to it with citrus and lemon being the two major components. I didn’t get any malt and I didn’t really find anything else. This beer just isn’t nosy.

Luckily the taste offered much more than the nose did. There was a slightly biscuit flavor on the front which was followed by a solid kick of hops. A nice tingle on the front of the tongue could be found in each sip. The hops started as a nice grapefruit and then a touch of pine was quickly added. While the kick of hops was solid, it wasn’t as strong as I was expecting. The hops leave easily and do not sit on the tongue very long.

This is a pretty good beer in my book but I didn’t find it to be anything special. If you are going to put “hoppy ale” in the name of the beer, that’s what I expect. Instead, I got a beer that left me down in the malt and hop departments. It’s worth a try, but I think this one needs to be refined a bit more.

2 thoughts on “Beer Review #189 Revel Red Hoppy Ale

  1. Hopheads,

    Found this beer a bit disappointing for the $34 price point.
    A bit light on the hops & weighty with malt extract.
    Unique finish however boasts an earthy departure.
    The second bottle was more palatable. 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc.
    This beer has a wonderful clear scarlet appearance that is sure to please.
    My currant benchmark reference for “Hoppy” is Yards IPA and Victory Hop Wallop. (Yea Baby!)
    The Revel Red is definitely more drinkable (3 or 4 to satisfy as opposed to 1)
    At the $34 price point I would expect to drink 1 or 2 and call it a night.
    For the Hoppy category rate this a 7 out of 10.
    Form a value standpoint I find this overpriced by 22%

    Hop forward my friends!
    Beware of the “Return of the Giant Hop-Weed”
    Indians are coming!
    Book of Genesis


  2. I would have to agree Rodger. This beer just doesn’t leave me fulfilled with hoppy bitterness. I only purchased a six pack so I’m not in to it for very much money. I agree that Hop Wallop is an excellent choice if you want something hoppy.

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