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Beer Review #191 Alpine Spring

Whenever I want to buy a case of beer on the cheap I generally turn to a variety pack from Sam Adams (Boston Beer Company). Recently I picked up their new variety pack which had three new beers in it, Alpine Spring being one of them. According to the bottle Alpine Spring is, “a bright citrusy unfiltered lager.” I’m assuming that this is the new Spring Seasonal from Sam Adams as you can also buy single cases of this beer.

Alpine Spring pours a light orange color and has a fluffy white head. The unfiltered part is immediately visible as this beer is hazy. You can see though it around the edges of the glass, but you cannot make out anything in the middle of the beer. The nose is full of citrus odors. They are not as bright as an IPA for instance, but they are very pleasant. I also noticed some slight sulfur mixed in which is very common in lagers.

This beer begins with a nice citrus hop on the front end. Usually you flow from malt to hops, but I got hop right away on this one. After the hops faded out of the picture a lot of really nice bready notes came into the scene. Some slight honey mixed in there as well. All of the flavors mixed well .

This is a very drinkable beer. The citrus addition to a lager is an interesting one. My wife loves this beer but I’m not entirely sold on it. I think it is a good beer, but the citrus lager mix just sit totally right with me. The malt component to this beer is great. I would love to try this beer with a traditional German hop and see if it agrees with me more.

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