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Beer Review #196 Blue Point Toasted Lager

Blue Point Brewing Company of Patchogue, New York generally seems to have one new beer each time I visit my local beer store. Their Toasted Lager is the most recent addition the shelves. Apparently this beer is only new to me though, as they consider it their flagship beer. It has also been honored with a silver and gold metal at the World Beer Cup. While I don’t take ratings or awards into much consideration when getting a beer (a post for another time), Blue Point is very proud of their awards as they are clearly displayed on the bottle for this lager.

Toasted Lager pours a nice light amber color and comes with and abundant white head. From my experience the head was very dense and thick for a lager. The nose had some slight lager sulfur along with some dull background hops. As expected their is a bready/toasted odor as well, which I found very pleasant.

There is some nice sweetness on the front-end of this beer which is quickly followed by a more defined sweetness of honey and light caramel. The toasted part of this beer’s namesake fades in very nicely and really provides a great depth of flavor. I didn’t get any hops on this beer. The toasted flavor and a light sweetness stay on the tongue a bit, but the flavor is nice and not overly cloying.

I enjoyed this beer and I could see myself enjoying a few of them at a sitting. It’s a bit sweet but the toasted flavor more than makes up for the sweetness. I would like to see a bit more in the way of hops to balance this beer out, but this beer delivers exactly what it says on the bottle, which is more than most beers can say.