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Magic Hat Sampling

Magic Hat Brewing Company’s promotional/marking guy recently sent me an email asking if I wanted a few samples of their new spring beers. While I’m trying to not purposefully get seasonal beers, I’m not going to deny myself some free beer. Within three days of the initial email, I came home to a box sitting on my front step.

I wasn’t sure what the box was but upon closer inspection, the Magic Hat name was clearly written on the shipping label. I went inside and carefully (way too quickly) opened up the box and was greeted with three tubes, one of which had a Magic Hat sticker, and some bubble wrap. I wrestled wit the tubes and I was pleasantly greeted with a sample of each of their spring beers.

Under the bottle tubes was a promotional information packet about the beers. I also received a bottle opener which I must say is a high quality bottle opener. It’s not made of cheap, light metal; this one has substance.

My next three beer reviews will be of these samples. If the people at Magic Hat are nice enough to send me samples, the least that I can do is get reviews of the beers up as quickly as possible. I will make sure to review these beers fairly and put a disclaimer that they were sent to me but I do want to thank the people at Magic Hat for including me.