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March Brewness 2012

March Brewness is coming back this year better than ever. I wanted to change the format a bit from last year as it was very labor intensive on my end and the voting seemed to go on forever. This year I decided to cut the field down from 64 to 32. This will allow for a quicker voting process and it will also get rid of some of the non-craft breweries that were in last years competition.

Last year each round was split into several sections to make it more manageable. This year I am using a different voting system, which will allow for voting to take place for an entire round at once. This again will make things easier for me and easier for you. In our past competition visitors were given two days to vote. I am going to keep that in place for now.

As with last year the match-ups are randomly decided on. I used a random number generator and then sorted the match-ups from lowest to highest. Breweries we picked based off of size, longevity, culture, and availability. There were some hard choices to make, but in the end I feel like the field of 32 is very solid.

Voting will start on March 15th, with results being posted on the 17th with the next round following two days later. Saint Arnold Brewing Company took home last year’s prize. Let’s see what this year holds.