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March Brewness Round 3 Results

There was another outstanding round of voting and we have a final four to talk about. Below are the results of the last round.

  • Match-up 1
    • Left Hand Brewing Company (32%)
    • Stone Brewing Company (68%)
  • Match-up 2
    • Anchor Brewing Company (57%)
    • Flying Dog Brewing Company (43%)
  • Match-up 3
    • Victory Brewing Company (59%)
    • Allagash Brewing Company (41%)
  • Match-up 4
    • D.G Yuengling & Sons (9%)
    • Russian River Brewing Company (91%)

In this round there were two close competitions and two not so close competitions. The oldest brewery in American bails out in our Elite Eight and Anchor and Victory hold on to see another day. I’m excited to see round four voting on Tuesday.