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Beer Review #204 Red Oak Amber Lager

A buddy of mine recently brought be a bottle of Red Oak Amber Lager from the Red Oak Brewery. According to my friend, Red Oak was the local craft brewery of choice for students of Wake Forest. The Red Oak Brewery is located in Whitsett, NC, which is about an our from Wake Forest. Before I received this bottle, I never heard of Red Oak. I really liked the bottle of this beer, and my wife shares the same thoughts. It has a unique shape and has a small, but powerful feel to it, along the lines of the Sierra Nevada bottles.

Red Oak Amber Lager pours a amber color and has a thin white head. The beer is perfectly clear and the light passing through the amber liquid looks great. The nose is pretty simple, but very nice. It starts with some nice malty odors and flows into some hints of bread. There is some very light sulfur mixed in there as well.

After the first taste I was surprised by how clean this beer tastes. There is some slight caramel upfront which is followed by some really nice bread flavors. The bread really dominates the flavor on this beer. It is a clean bread that is supported by some background sweetness, but it stands on it own. There is not a lot of hop flavor but there is just enough to clean out this beer and give it a crisp ending.

This is a super drinkable beer. I could easily sit down and knock out a six pack or two of these while watching a baseball game. There is nothing that stands out on its own in this beer, but it is super easy drinking and tasty. If you are looking for a unique craft brew you are not going to find it with this beer, but if you are looking for something with flavor and that is very drinkable, this is a good one to have.