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Beer Review #222 Spotted Cow

I have another beer from New Glarus Brewing Company for review today. My buddy Mike, who brought me the beer, described Spotted Cow as “the Fat Tire of Wisconsin” and “the next Fat Tire.” He went on to say that this is a drinkable beer with mass appeal, but with a craft beer “attitude.” I’m always excited to try a craft beer that offers a lot of drinkability to the general public, but also has craft beer roots.

Spotted Cow pours a beautiful clear golden color with a solid white head. The head withstands the want to collapse for a bit and then gives in and dissolves into the beer below (kind of like Leo in Titanic… Burn?). The nose is sharpy bready with some nice malt undertones. I didn’t get a hint of hops anywhere in the nose, which I guess isn’t surprising for a beer that was made to be drinkable.

The bread odors carry through to the flavor of the beer and really dominate the majority of the beer. The bread is solid and changes a bit from a nice bakery fresh bread to a slightly stale bread flavor. I really enjoyed the transition and the stale bread flavor is no knock, it went fit perfectly into the progression of this beer. There is a slight hop bite at the end but just enjoy to provide a change from the bread.

This beer is very easy drinking and appears to be pretty straightforward. There is nothing that jumps out in this beer, but that’s not always a bad thing. For what this beer was “sold” to me as, I very much enjoyed it and I think many others would as well.