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Beer Review #236 Amber 25

I’ve been a big fan of Stoudts Brewing Company for as long as I have been drinking craft beer. Stoudts was my local regional brewery in college and I have talked with the owner Ed Stoudt a few times. He’s a beer loving man who knows what he has, and doesn’t want to grow past the regional size. Stoudts Amber 25 is their 25th Anniversary Amber Ale. Yeah, they have been around that long. It’s funny to think that in the craft beer world, 10 years is a long time, let alone 25 years. There are only a few other industries that have such a short lifespan up to this point.

Amber 25 pours a nice amber color with a thin white head. This beer is perfectly clear. In my opinion, amber beers are my favorite type of beer to have be clear because as light pass through the clear liquid, it picks up a richness. The nose is packed with malty flavors. There are lots of great toasty and bready flavors in there, all of which I loved.

This ale starts with a nice malt flavor that features a few different degrees of caramel (no toffee). It then fades into some bready background flavors and exits. I didn’t notice any hop flavor to make note of. As the fall really starts to set in the flavor combination of strong malts really is a perfect fit. I can imagine sitting down on my deck outside as the sun is setting and the first cool breeze of the night sets in and sipping on this listening to some music.

This is a very nice beer. It doesn’t stand out if any particular way, but it is solid and drinkable. Congrats to Stoudts for being open for 25 years and here’s to another 25.