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Beer Review #238 Hoptimum

Recently I have really been in the mood for IPAs. I brewed a Belgian IPA a month ago and I am brewing an American IPA this weekend. But before these beers were ready, I had to satisfy my need desire for a solid IPA. In comes Hoptimum from Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. I didn’t know anything about this beer when I grabbed it other then the fact that I loved the bottle art (I’m such a sucker for good bottle art). When I got home I got around to reading the label and I was met with a “whole cone imperial IPA. 100 IBUs. 10.4% ABV.” Well that sounds like something that might fix my desire for a solid IPA.

Hoptimum pours a nice orange color with a medium thick white head. It looks like an IPA and the head stuck around longer then I would have thought with the high ABV percentage. The nose is packed with hops. This thing screams hops. In my opinion a lot of Sierra Nevada hop odors tend to be on the piney side and this beer is no exception. I also picked up a slight twinge of heat.

The taste is just raw, intense hops. I didn’t really get anything in the malt world, but just piney, delicious hops. This beer certainly hit the mark for a guy who wanted a solid IPA. I wouldn’t want a newcomer to craft beer to even sniff this one, but for me, it was perfect.